"Errorhead is a trio that is built around the fret gymnastics of Marcus Deml on his favorite Fender Strat. And although Mister Deml may be a noble unknown to many of you he can be found in the small print of many a record as a session musician. Check ‘Twilight Cruiser’ & ‘Master Seven’ of Kingdome Come, Bobby Kimball’s ‘Rise Up’ or ‘Time For Truth’ of Simon Collins (yes, the son of…) and you will find mister Deml, who is not easily put into a box when it comes to genres or influences, handled guitar duties on said albums
On this record jazz, blues, prog, ambient & just plain rock go easily hand in hand. One world, one style, as it were…
Note that this is by no means an all instrumental album (check out the ballad ‘Heaven’ & the funky ‘Watch My Cloud’ as proof). You will also no doubt hear that Mister Satriani is never far away in songs like ‘Temporary Impression’ & ‘Follow Your Dream’.
Cool vibes, cool album, one that fits in nicely with my summer plans… "